Spectra Shot™This shotgun shell eliminates doubt.

Velocity:1400 FPS

Spectra Shot™ represents a leap forward in waterfowl shot shell design. Its unique color feature means hunters can now positively identify who shot what bird. The shot color is permanent and completely non-toxic. It won’t rub off or leave color residue in the chamber, the barrel, or on the bird. Choose your very own color.

(Spectra Shot, LLC is not responsible for loss of friendship…)


About Waterfowl Shot

Competition occurs between most hunters. When the entire group in the blind shoots at a banded bird, with Spectra Shot™ the real proof of the owner of that band will be within the cavity of the bird. The truth will then be known.

Our mission statement says it. We provide to the public a premiere shotgun shell containing colored projectiles. Top quality components are a must.

String steel is cut to diameter and polished to stringent requirements right here in the USA by hard working Americans. Our steel is not imported from China; therefore we have a consistent shot diameter with an end result of a tighter, faster pattern.

The coating process is a patented proprietary process using American parts that are safe for both humans and the environment.

The hull and wad are perfectly fit to obtain maximum velocity and tight patterns, propelling your favorite colored Spectra Shot™ to waterfowl with maximum ballistics on target, resulting in clean, quick kills.

See-Through Hull
Shotcolor is revealed at a glance.

Shells are sealed for reliability inadverse weather.

High Velocity
Coated steel shot produces superiorenergy for greater knockdown power.

Positive shot identification is easywith colored shot.

High-Density Hulls
Protect the contents of the shell.

Shot Wad
Tough, synthetic wads provide maximumbarrel protection.

Shooter identification can now be confirmed. Do you have a buddy that seems to hit them all? With unique signature colors available you can examine the game to see if your color is doing the job or if your buddy is as good as he says he is. The truth will be revealed when cleaning your game.