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Spectra•Shot - Waterfowl Shot

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Spectra·Shot Ammunition

Spectra Shot, LLC is the manufacturer of Spectra Shot™ a premium shotgun shell made of the highest quality components. This shotgun shell is unique not only because of its top quality hull, wad, pellets, and powder, but also because the pellets are coated through a patented, proprietary process completed in the USA. The end result is a shell that provides optimal performance for hunting or shooting skeet.

Spectra Shot has three lines: Waterfowl, Turkey, and Target/Upland Game. The colored Waterfowl Shot allows for accurate kill identification after the hunt. We have all heard the phrases “Got ’em™” and “I Got It™” multiple times in the field. Now we will know the truth.

Spectra Shot’s turkey load is labeled White Lightning. This is an economical load that packs a huge punch with nickel plated lead. This load is a turkey’s worst nightmare. It is shooting well in competition placing an average of 30 pellets in a 3 inch circle at 40 yards. We use nickel plated 5’s and 6’s in this application.

The Target/Upland Game load has multiple applications. Non-coated lead, glow in the dark lead, and non-toxic coated steel. All lead applications are custom order by pallet only. Our steel load can be ordered on line and through our dealer direct program. The glow in the dark capabilities are applied under black light only with the illuminated florescent shot visible to the naked eye. This is revolutionizing target shooting.

Whether you are simply out hunting, bringing the truth to the blind, or just want to show off your favorite colors, choose Spectra Shot™ and head out to the field!

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